His chapters drip with pithy, preppy one-liners like the brain can make miracles happen if you want to.....Using a charming narrative format of a father offering his son the benefits of his acquired wisdom...

The National Daily Newspaper, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

Advertising - Guru turned author Johnny George's first book You are worth less than your car... praised for the practical tips how to consult and command your brain to solve your problems...Promises to change the way you think....

Khaleej Times Daily Newspaper,Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

'Nine one one?'
'What's the emergency, sir?'
'I'm dying. Please help me!'
'Please hold on.'


As was expected within no time the video went viral.


That day the whole of America experienced an eerie chilly silence as if a nuclear bomb had exploded in Washington DC. People did not talk in the offices. They just whispered as if they were attending a funeral service.

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