Our Mission

O nce upon a time, there lived a king who believed in a little bit of democracy. His subjects were very happy, but bored as they had nothing to do. Because the good king provided for everything, though not a welfare state.

When the king came to know of the boredom of his subjects through his excellent networking, he decided to get rid of it. May be a competition involving all the subjects will solve this problem.

It was going to be a painting competition. Aspiring artists could exhibit their paintings in the market place. The prize money was 100 gold coins. A huge amount by today’s standard. There were no judges. His subjects would be the judges.

A very good concept. This way, every one would be involved in the competition. The painters and the non-painters.

Because the prize money was so huge and there was no entrance fee, artists started exhibiting their paintings in the market place for the people to judge. The art critics, i.e. the people, would put an ‘X’ mark on any area of the painting, if they found something wrong with that particular part.

The subjects were very happy. Their boredom disappeared. For now they had to judge so many paintings every day. When they went to pick up groceries, they would take a short break to check the paintings and put an ‘X’ on the part or parts, if they thought the painting lacked something. And it was really fun.

And the competition went on and on. And the artists started getting bored. The number of paintings to be judged started going down. And one day it happened. No more paintings to judge!

The king was enjoying the show. Now the show was over. Last few days there were no paintings in the market place. The good, democratic king did not know what to do. He called for a joint meeting of his council of ministers the next day.

They could not offer any suggestions. When they were discussing the various options, a man walked into their chamber. This was allowed in those days. No appointments. They all stared at the stranger.

‘What do you want?’ One of the ministers asked him.

‘I’m an artist. I wish to exhibit my painting in the market place tomorrow.’

They were all overjoyed. Their problem was solved without breaking their heads!

‘But I want a different method for judging my painting by the people,’ he continued.

‘What’s that?’ A minister questioned.

‘It is very simple. People can still judge my painting. But not with an ‘X’ mark. My painting will be incomplete. It is a very small area. They should complete the painting.’

‘Since they were all judging so many painting for so long, that will not be a problem.’ The council agreed.

The next day the painting was in the market place. People came to know of this. And they all came with their markers to judge the painting. To their surprise, they found a note attached to the painting stating that they should now complete the painting. No more ‘X’ marks.

No one could complete the painting. The earlier method was better, they said to one another and left.

Sometimes it takes two to three years to complete a book. Written in your unique style. And you believe it is a masterpiece. We will publish your book. No grammar checks. No editing. No rejections. No ‘X’ marks. We do not want to touch your style, but publish your book the way you have written it.

That is our mission.

Who Are We?

Johnny George Publishing is an online Publishing Company, earlier based in Dubai and now relocated to India. This company was established in January, 2012. The primary objective of Johnny George Publishing is to publish books, both online and printed versions, by new authors who could be based anywhere in the world.

Johnny George Profile

  • Publishing and Advertising Professional nearly 50 years
  • Managing Editor/Publisher of IM magazine
  • Coined the headline Buy-One-And-Get-One-Free
  • Conducted the first Market/Media Research through daily newspapers in the U.A.E
  • Recorded the first Hindi jingle in the U.A.E
  • Published the first Indian language magazine from the U.A.E
  • Created the first online flip format Indian magazine from the U.A.E
  • Published the first multi-lingual (English/Indian language) magazine from the U.A.E
  • Developed a global brand IM magazine among Indian ethnic group
  • Marketed Michael Jackson India Show for the Middle East
  • Film Festivals with top Indian movie stars
  • Fashion Shows with top Indian models
  • Musical Programmes with top Indian playback singers/artists